sprinter 311 cdi dpf removal and remap

Hi Guys, quick up date on my sprinter van you did for me last Friday morning 28/3/14. at Doncaster with the remap and dpf removal
this van is a totally different van now and do I mean totally different it. so much smoother and pulls from low down with out any flat spots or turbo lag,
Before you did the remap I had one of those silly “plug and play boxes” fitted and it wasn’t a cheap one either this did nothing but cause problems to the van and made hardly if any extra power TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY! s
the vannow with your work Andy pulls so cleanly now and it will hold motorway + speeds it goes up hills just how I like it to with out loosing speed like it did before you did the remap and dpf.
fuel wise it seems better as well, I cannot say on “mpg” fuel figures as I haven’t worked them out but going by the fuel gauge and miles run it is better a LOT BETTER!!!,
I can highly highly recommend you guys at ECUFlash
if any one has any doubts about your work tell them to get in touch with me
I am now on the look for a newer sprinter van with the v6 derv engine and make no mistake you will be the first port of call to have the van remapped the correct way!! many many thanks for sorting the van for me its just a pleasure to be able to put your foot down and away you go,
thanks Daz

Renault Megane 1.9 DCI DPF Removal feedback

after being plagued with my car displaying regenerate soot filtr(Renault megane 1.9dci estate) I contacted paul in Doncaster,who advised me with the best option to make.my decision was to remove the dpf and have the ecu remapped.the difference is amazing,.why didn’t I do this before.the vehicle is now showing 50.7 to the gallon,just on ajourney of 15 to 20 miles.never has it ever aceived this figure,always struggled 46 ish.the car which I thought was quick,is now extremely quick.instantaneous throttle response.a pure delight to drive,and the cost saving will be good as well .a big thank you from me.

Finally, somebody who knows what they are talking about!!

After having several months of major hassle with another dpf removal company who managed to screw up my ECU causing over a thousand pounds worth of damage I found ECU Flash on the internet and dealt with a guy called Andy.

I travelled to his house today and he did a complete dpf delete and remap something that the other company failed to do!

I’ m extremely grateful for all his help and sticking with me in the last few months and finally now the car drives great. No more limp modes!!!

I would highly recommend ECU Flash and would definitely use again.

Once again Andy, Thank you for saving my car


Blackcode was the other dealer in question here, they messed this customer about for months telling him that they had done the job properly when quite clearly they hadn’t (Still showing P2002 fault code on the dash after a short drive). They also tried to pass the blame onto their slave dealer. No very good service in my opinion! –  ANDY  (ECUFLASH)

Sceptical but still did it

I have to say that I was sceptical about having a £58,000 car remapped. Even more so when I realised I was not going to a garage.

After speaking with Andy he said remapping my CLS 350 CDI Mercedes was not a problem. I met Ian who used various pieces of kit to download the cars files and emailed them back to Andy, shortly after the file came back and was uploaded to the car. So far so good.

We set off on a road test and navigated to a one mile straight road, Now the car in standard form is no slouch but it quickly hit in excess of three figures {if PC plod is reading that was 69.9 mph honest}. I did notice we got there very smoothly but it could have been the euphoria of that fact my car still runs after my scepticism. I dropped Ian off and continued my day.

I have now run it for two weeks and covered 1633 mile, mixture of short runs, bit of motorway and a few tussles with other like minded car folks. I have my long term trip reading which is over 17000 miles with an average of 29.4 mpg, best journey 42.3 mpg.

I have over the last 1633 mile achieved an average of 32.7 mpg and best journey 47.6 mpg. The torque is amazing and the added grunt makes this car now drive like it should have come out of Mercedes. Because of the improved smooth gear change it just pulls right round the clock with ease and urgency.

I have to say that since I also drive a 1974 Aston DBS V8 Vantage, a 2008 DB9 & a 370 BHP Focus ST track car, I consider myself able to make the comments above. You may think different.

P.S I have no affiliation to ECU flash or any of it staff, they will however be remapping the wife’s Chelsea tractor very soon.

Many Thanks Andy Wilson Dewsbury West Yorkshire

ECU Remapping you can trust

I have recently bought an Audi A4 2.7 Auto, which has very quickly become my pride and joy, although they can be a little thirsty on fuel. So I looked into engine remapping to save on fuel and a little more power never hurts! What impressed me about ECU Flash is their attention to detail and every car is calibrated to the exact requirements of that individual vehicle – and not just running a pre-determined calibration. The difference is fantastic, the car wasn’t slow before by any means, but now brings a smile to my face on a regular basis, plus fuel economy is up – so over a 18 months or so – it’ll pay for itself :-). Above all, I was really pleased with the care they took, so if you are looking for ECU remapping you can trust – I would not hesitate to recommend them use again.

Skoda Superb is now SUPERB

After an expensive mot failure at local Skoda dealer ( over £1k) they then diagnosed that the DPF needed replacing, another £1100+.
Ecuflash and MB Services of Sheffield took my ‘poorly’ 2006 Skoda Superb 2.0td 140pd in, removed the DPF and remapped the ECU. Whilst doing this they noticed that the inter cooler was split, mmm shouldn’t the main dealer have noticed this? Anyway The guys at MB replaced that for less than half the cost at the main dealer and the result is WOW!!! The increase in power is really noticeable and has been commented on by everyone that has been in the car. I haven’t really noticed the increase in economy but that’s most likely due to my enthusiastic use of the extra 30bhp that has appeared under the bonnet.
Thanks to the guys at MB and thanks to Paul at Ecuflash.