DPF Removal on Renault Megane 1.9 dci

I recently contacted ECUFLASH regarding the removal of the DPF and remapping of my 2006 Renault Megane 1.9 dci. The DPF warning light had been lit on the dash for over a year and the car had been in limp mode (lack of power) two or three times. I also had the spanner shaped warning light on the dash and a message reading “Check Injection”. After a chat with Paul at ECUFLASH I decided to get the DPF removed and the engine remapped. The job was done at MB Services in Sheffield who carry out the work for ECUFLASH. I had a 40 mile drive to Sheffield with the car in limp mode – it could barely reach 50mph on the motorway – so embarrassing! I dropped the car off at MB Services at 9am and by 1pm it was ready to collect. On starting it up, the first thing I noticed was that all warning lights and messages had gone. Limp mode had also gone and the car was much more responsive than it had ever been due to the remap. The total cost of the work was £395 which I found was worth every penny when you consider that Renault had recently quoted me well in excess of £1000 for a new filter – and then if you get a new filter, you don’t know how long it will last before the problems start again.So in summary, my car runs better than ever and all my worries about the DPF have been taken away. I could also sell the car now if I wanted to – all of the warning lights on the dash would have made it difficult to sell to anyone – I tried and even Renault garages did not want it. Thank you ECUFLASH and MB Services – great job!

Volvo V50 1.6 TDI DPF Removal

I experienced performance problems with my Volvo V50 1.6D some six months ago. Living on the Isle of Man with Volvo dealer, the problem of poor performance, DPF lights on the dash board and constantly dropping into limp home mode,was looked at by various garages and service agents, all of whom made temporary fixes replaced some sensors and presented various bills for £382.
Unfortunately the problem persisted, so using the internet for research, I finally contacted ECU-Flash for advice.
The assistance I received, together with advice, left me in an informed position to make a decision on my next course of action, which was of course, DPF removal and remapping by ECU-Flash at the depot in Sheffield, MB Services.
The cost, even including ferry crossing from the Isle of Man, was far less than I had been quoted for replacement of the DPF on island, and of course the work was guaranteed to work, unlike the wooly advice and head scratching I was getting from the island garages.
The service was impeccable. Booked in on Monday evening, arriving off the ferry at MB Services for 08.30 on Wednesday, completed and back on the road by 11.40 the same day.
The performance of the car is better than when I purchased it some 18 months earlier. The fuel consumption appears to have improved significantly, and I can only thank ECU Flash for the work that I should have arranged 6 months earlier

Audi Q7 re-map

Andy re-mapped my Audi Q7 today and what a difference it’s made
Sets off like a stabbed rat! and the pick up through the gears is amazing!
Best money I will spend on car without a doubt!
I will report back in a week once car has been on a run to see how the
Mpg performs


Volvo FH 480 adblue removal and remap

Very HappyVery HappyVery Happy Hi would like to thank Andy and his team for a top job was having problems with ad-blue been into volvo 4 times unable to fix fault found Andy on line came to me in kent fixed ad-blue by removing it, up rated truck goes like a dream, same run each week on one leg off run used over 80 liters less since re-map and ad-blue taken off also truck flys now well worth the money.

VW GOLF 1.9TDi DPF removal and remap

emailed ECU flash on several occasions asking about DPF removal they was very very helpful answered every question i had i finally booked the car for DPF removal and remap at sheffield, brill location 15 min walk to meadowhall shopping centre, had the work done with a amazing bunch of lads took 3/4 hours but i didnt mind as i was walking round shopping centre, cars been brill ever since as soon as i drove out of the garage i noticed how much better it was, i would recommend ECU FLASH brilliant service, if your having second thoughts about having this work done then DONT its worth every penny

Mondeo 2.0CDTi 2009.DPF removal and remap

Just wish I had had this done 6 months ago.Whole job took less than 3 hours and the results are brilliant. Not only has the average MPG increased by about 10%[ I actually got 63mpg in the slow traffic immeditely after the work was carried out],but when called on to do so the car ‘flies’…but when it,s ‘flying’ the mpg does drop like a stone…but of course it would have done that before anyway. And the added bonus?…That annoying little DPF warning light has been extinguished hopefully never to be seen again. Thanks for a job well done.

remap of VW T5

We have had many issues with people deciding they should have our exhaust systems instead of us. Andy has now re-mapped 12 Sprinter vans (so we can eliminate the need for CATs and DPFs) and 3 VW T5 vans. The improvement in performance and economy is bordering on breathtaking. Service is awesome, and nothing seems to be an issue. I personally don’t understand re-mapping, and was warned against ‘Lads with Laptops’. However, Andy came recommended by a garage known to me, and also a friend’s dad who has served with the AA for twenty years. Reason to get Andy was because ‘he actually knows what he is doing, and why he is doing it’. You can always get hold of him, and he has always rang me back if I leave a message. HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU GO NOWHERE ELSE. Gareth Dixon