what is remapping? FAQ’s from ECUFLASH

ECUFLASH Frequently Asked Questions

What is Remapping?

Your ECU, or Electronic Control Unit’s chip stores programs called ‘maps’ that tells the injectors how much fuel to supply to your engine and on a petrol engine when to fire the spark plugs among lot of other things like fault codes and sensor inputs and outputs, virtually every possible aspect involved in the running of the engine. With the default factory settings your ECU is setup for use with the lowest possible grade of fuel for use in as many countries as possible, by remapping your ECU for optimum performance with higher grade fuels, such as the ones used in the UK and European countries, ECUFLASH will make your car run more efficiently, save fuel and create more power by increasing combustion efficiency. What is Remapping? (Question answered)

Remapping Or Chipping, What’s the difference?

Chipping is simply the outdated version of remapping. In the past we would be have to program a new chip and solder this inside the ECU to replace your current chip, this would have the new specification permanently burnt into it. Today however, we simply remap or reprogram the ECU’s chip in your car without replacing it, this is mostly done via the vehicle OBD port. Your original factory settings are first saved into the computer then replaced with our own custom made high performance data….

Can you Remap Or Tune My Vehicle?

We can remap or tune the ECU on most vehicles manufactured from 1996 to 2000 by soldering a new chip inside the ECU. On vehicles manufactured from 2001> this is done by the OBD “On Board Diagnostic Port”, so no need to remove the ECU.

How do you upgrade my ECU?

The program for any engine is held in the memory on an ECU chip. This program can be read by a computer with special hardware, In most cases we can read/write the data via the cars OBD (On Board Diagnostic Port) So there is no need to even remove the ECU.

Torque is the fundamental item for improvement, and increases are usually in the order of 35% on normal turbo cars. The engine is read through the OBD socket with diagnostic equipment to optimize all maps in the car.

Can the changes be reversed by anything?

Once the ECU has been reflashed with it’s new program it will not revert back to it’s standard state by removing the battery ect. We keep all original files in our database and are able to reflash the ECU back to standard at anytime.

Can the dealer tell my car has been remapped?

In most cases the reprogramming of the ECU is not detectable by the dealer standard diagnostic tools. However if a software engineer such as ourselves were to readout the cars software and compare the file to an original then it would be. It is highly unlikely that your dealer will ever possess such technology or software to be able to do this.

Remapping Or Tuning Box?

A tuning box is a device that is added to your car with the purpose of intercepting the transmissions from your ECU chip to the sensors in your engine and fueling system. Some tuning boxes work by fooling your car’s ECU with false data so that the chip thinks your engine is doing something different, making the ECU add more fuel. Other tuning boxes work by altering the data after it has left the ECU chip so you engine and fuel system behaves different because they are receiving altered instructions. Whichever type of tuning box you use the results are the same, they both work by altering the amount of fuel given to the engine. Also, because the tuning box is either fooling the ECU or the engine, there is a constant battle between the tuning box and your car’s chip – where your ECU chip attempts to compensate for the faulty information. This is especially true of the latest Euro IV engines with very tight emission controls. The end result is often inconsistent performance and sometimes no improvement in performance at all.

A remap on the other hand actually improves the engine and emissions control. A “remap” is simply a rewrite of the software in the engine computer. Unlike the tuning box which only alters the amount of fuel, the ECU remap alters the turbo boost pressure, fuel injector duration, fuel timing, fuel pressure, and many other maps, all of which can be optimized to give substantial increases in power and torque. With new engines, the ECU remap is the only way to improve performance because the ECU is too sensitive for a tuning box to successfully alter the behavior of the fuel system without the ECU compensating for it.