Tuning File Service

Tuning File Service

We provide more than 30 tuning companies and car dealers worldwide with everything they need for tuning. Hardware, software and know-how of course! We also offer an enrolment course of training at our base. We constantly provide our partners with the latest equipment and tuning files!

To serve our customers the best files, our software is permanently optimized through our development work on the, maps and parameters of the single files. We improve our files with a permanent testing on a dynometer.

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Our tuning file service:

  • We can offer the latest tuning files if you have your own programmer.
  • We can tune files either for outright performance or offer the new style ECO maps which focus on fuel saving!!
  • We also supply the latest hardware.
  • We can supply the most recent hardware which is needed to start tuning cars, vans and even H.G.V’s.
  • We offer the latest technology for DPF Removal software, Adblue Removal
  • ECU Files for Speed limiter removal
  • Truck and Tractor Tuning files
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