HGV Speed Limit raised to 60mph on dual carriageways in the UK

New 60mph speed limiter for HGV's in the UK

New 60 mph speed limiter for HGV’s in the UK

On the 6th of April 2015 a new EU law will come into effect allowing HGV’s in England and Wales to travel at 60mph on dual carriage ways instead of the old limit which was just 56mph.

Many people have criticised this move saying it could cause more accidents but even more motorists have welcomed the new rules stating that it will free up congestion on UK roads allowing traffic to flow more freely.

Even given the new law many main dealers will refuse to carry out speed limiter adjustments on HGV vehicles with fears of any come backs in the event of an incident.

ECUFLASH has specialised in the calibration of HGV speed limiters for many years and can perform such a job on virtually any HGV vehicle. Get in touch with us now to arrange the adjustment of your HGV speed limiter to the new legal limit and leave the competition behind in the slow lane!

We offer a fully mobile UK wide service which includes, Speed limiter adjustment, ECU remapping for power and economy, EGR valve switch off and also Adblue removal.

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