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Maserati Remapping


Maserati Remapping

MASERATI ECU remapping and chip tuning. Are you looking for More Power, Torque and better MPG for your MASERATI vehicle? Then you have come to the right place!


Our MASERATI Petrol engine performance chips and MASERATI Remapping via the OBD port will dramatically improve your cars performance and improve your MPG! Guaranteed!

Here at ECUFLASH we specialize in MASERATI petrol engine tuning through the OBD port. We also supply and fit the old style tuning chips for older models and Boot mode programming for the newest MASERATI vehicles.

All of our ECUFLASH tuning files for the MASERATI petrol Remaps are written and tested in house. We never use off the shelf files for our Remapping.

Our goal when developing a MASERATI Remapped performance chip and remapping software is always to create the perfect balance between increased power and torque without sacrificing on the fuel economy, Some tuning companies will not care about this aspect and just turn up the fuel pressure to much which will waste your fuel and money and put your engine at risk!

We always retain the safety parameters which were originally built into the ECU by the MASERATI Remap engineers to ensure that your engine retains its factory built in protection and does not exceed the manufacturers maximum tolerance’s, this protects your engine and drive train from any potential damage from modification. Many other so called MASERATIECU Remapping companies sometimes remove these safety features which WILL result in engine/Turbo damage after time! A typical sign of somebody who does not know what they are doing.

Our fully guaranteed MASERATI Remap service gives you not only the power gains and guaranteed improvements in fuel economy but also piece of mind that the jobs been done correctly. We achieve this by very carefully tuning your engines parameters such as turbo boost pressure, fuel injection timing and duration along with fuel rail pressure and the electronic torque limiters. All this data is stored in your MASERATIECU Remap calibration file.









An ECUFLASH MASERATI Remap Will Give Your Vehicle The Following:

More BHP

Increased Torque

Faster Throttle/Engine Response

Smoother Power Delivery

More Mile Per Gallon

Better Driveability

In most cases we can reprogram your vehicles ECU using the very latest MASERATI flash remapping technology meaning that we can send the new calibration data into the ECU via its on OBD Port. This eradicates the need to remove the ECU from the vehicle. However some of the newer MASERATIECU’s must be removed from the vehicle, this is generally from 2009 onwards as from then the manufacturers started installing anti tuning protection inside the MASERATIECU’s chip. We are one of the very few select companies in the UK who can get around this anti tuning technology, another reason why to choose ECUFLASH.

We have been remapping MASERATI Petrol engines for nearly 9 years now and have built up a very good reputation throughout not only the UK but the whole world for are specialist service and top quality ECU Remapping files. If you want the best then look no further!


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