Bike Remapping

Motorbike ECU Remapping and Tuning

We have the specialist equipment needed to remap the standard ecu on most types of motorbike:

This gives you some of the following benefits.

  • Remove Factory Timing Retard
  • Remove Restricted Throttle Opening Curves (Fly By Wire)
  • Improve Throttle Response
  • Reduce Excessive Engine Braking
  • Eliminate Adverse Secondary Throttle Flap Behavior
  • Eliminate Exhaust Valve and Electronic Damper Error Codes
  • Increase RPM Limiter
  • Remove Top Speed Limiter
  • Ignition Timing Adjustment (Advance)
  • Injector Phasing Adjustment and Duty Cycle

Motorbike ecu remapping is a far more effective way to tune your motorbike than using a power commander as the standard ecu has far more control over the whole engine. A power commander will only adjust the fuel mixture by changing the injection duty cycle. With an ecu remap we can alter ALL the engine working parameters and give you much better results!

You can either bring your bike up to us to have the work carried out or you can remove your ecu and send it to us by special delivery to have it remapped. All our work is fully guaranteed. Please call us to discuss your requirements. If you have other modifications then we can custom tune for these also.

Please select your bike using our performance calculator on the right and see what sort of power gains you will get. Normally this will be about +15 to +20bhp depending on what other modifications you have already.

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