New UK rules for MOT test Regarding DPF Filters

As allot of people are now aware the MOT rules in the UK have now changed to incorporate a VISUAL check for the presence of a DPF filter. If the vehicle has previously had a straight through pipe fitted replacing the DPF Filter then this will now fail the MOT test! For vehicles which have only had the insides remove from the filter housing it will be impossible for the MOT tester to establish weather its been removed or not, therefore the car will pass with no problems.

This is again a strong sign of a government politician who is completely out of touch with the real world. Robert goodwill the roads minister simply does not realise the situation people are faced with when needing to replace a DPF filter which can cost over £2500 and then after 3 months of driving requiring a new one again!!! This is something which we see all to often here at ECUFLASH. Also people who live and drive in densely populated towns and cities who can not get there vehicles up to temperature in order to regenerate  the DPF on a regular basis which causes DPF Filter failure. These are the people which your laws are designed to protect who are the ones opting to remove the nuisance DPF filter themselves. Do we not pay enough tax on our vehicles and fuel without the government cutting us motorists a little slack!