Latest News From ECUFLASH

01.01.18 - Happy new year to all of our customers! Keep an eye on this page for new developments from us in 2018

15.12.17 - We have now finally developed a completely unique and undetectable Adblue removal solution for Euro 5 DAF and MAN trucks. We actually reprogram the SCR control unit ECU to prevent it from triggering fault codes in the system. As this is not actually disabling the system it is not illegal to do.

15.10.17 - Scania Euro 6 EMS8 Adblue removal purely by software only! No emulators, Not detectable and no need to remove the DPF! Another Worlds first from ECUFLASH!

18.09.17 - As VOSA have tightened up on Adblue system tampering and are now are carrying out roadside checks we have adopted a new approach for software programming the system. Please read HERE on our page for more details.

21-05.17 - ECUFLASH have now partnered up with Magic Motor Sport and MAGPRO ECU remapping tool.

13.01.17 - We can now flash the VAG 1.6 TDI engine with Siemens PCR2.1 ECU without removing it from the car :)

05.01.17 - ECU Remapping and also DPF Removal now available on the PSA Peugeot/Citroen 2.2 HDI engine with Siemens SID208 ECU. This is a worlds first once again from us!

01.12.2016 - Scania Euro 6 Adblue removal modules now in stock. Nationwide fitting service available.

04.11.2016 - We now offer TAG/Middle axle parameter programming on ALL Volvo/Renault trucks. For more information Click Here

06.10.2016 - Adblue removal programming now available on JCB, Massey Ferguson and Case tractors. Done via ECU flash software.

13.06.2016 - FINALLY! We can now offer SCR/Adblue removal on all Euro 6 Volvo and Renault trucks. This is done via online programming software so no emulator modules and no signs of the job being done at all. Contact us for prices!

08.06.2016 - Mercedes Euro 5 MP4 and Euro6 with MCM1 and MCM2 ECU remapping and SCR/Adblue removal available by software remapping via OBD. This is a first in the world. Contact us for prices.

06.05.2016 – At the start of 2016 we promised to crack all Euro 6 trucks for Adblue removal, Now Iveco Euro 6 trucks are available for Adblue removal as part of a software upgrade. We also offer engine remapping to give more power and better fuel economy.

21.04.2016 - After many hour of work and brain cells burnt out we can now offer a comprehensive SOFTWARE solution to disable the Adblue system on Euro 6 DAF trucks. This can easily be accompanied with ECU remapping to give up to 1.4 MPG better on fuel.

01.03.2016 - Welcome to our new ECU Remapping and diagnostic tool shop We now provide the trade and professional individuals with remapping and dealer level diagnostic tools.

27.01.2016 - Many new Porsche ECU’s now available for ECU Remapping. Like – SDI6, SDI7, SDI8 SDI9 these are ECU’s which you will find in many new Porsche models.

02.11.15 – DAF Euro 6 truck ECU Remapping now available

29.10.15 - Many new VAG model can now be remapped by us via OBD re-flash. Previous to this the ECU had to be removed and opened and always left a risk of the dealer finding this on a service.

13.08.15 - BIG News! Toyota/Lexus Denso ECU Remapping is now available from ECUFLASH. This is a big breakthrough for the remapping world and been eagerly awaited for over 10 years. Get in contact with us for all your ECU Remapping requirements. Also DPF removal on Toyota/Lexus Denso models available by ECU remap by us! No more emulators required.

20.07.15 - New Holland Adblue removal now available with ECU Flash as part of the engine remapping. for vehicles fitted with Bosch EDC7UC31 ECU’s.

13.04.15 - ECU Remapping on the McLaren MP4-12c is now available. From stock 612bhp to an incredible 710bhp+ from just an ECU re-flash. Contact us for details and prices.

06.04.15 - New speed limiter law has been passed to allow HGV’s to only be speed limiter to 60mph instead of the old 56mph limit. Read more HERE of how ECUFLASH can help set your speed limiter to the new legal limit.

20-02-15 – ECU Re-flash now available for 2013> models of Mercedes with EDC17CP57 protected type ECU’s!  Also available is 2012> Vauxhall/Opel with protected types of EDC17C59 which were also not previously supported.

10-02-15 – Newest Scania models with Motorola EMS8 ECU’s are now remappable at ECUFLASH. Other services available are EGR removal, Adblue Removal and speed limiter adjustment. This is for all new type trucks and also construction equipment like crushers/chippers ect

19-12-14 - READY NOW!!! BMW Password reader for ALL new Fxx Series cars with protected Bosch EDC17 ECU’s. This covers all of the Fxx BMW range which we previously not re-mappable due the ECU been locked by the manufacturer!. Contact us now to arrange your booking.

10-12-14 – We now have an Autologic diagnostic tool, fully loaded with Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Landrover, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault. This remarkable tool gives us better diagnostic capabilities than even the main dealers! We truly stay ahead of the competition @ ECUFLASH LTD

09-12-14 – EGR Removal/Switch Off Now available on ALL Models of John Deere tractors. This prolongs the life of the engine and also increases power/efficiency. Contact us for details. Also Adblue OFF available for New Holland Tractors by ECU re-flash.

24-11-14 – More Denso ECU types are now accessible through the diagnostic port for ECU remapping and DPF remval This includes Nissan Denso, Mitsubishi Denso, Mazda Denso and also Opel/Vauxhall Denso units!

29.08.14 - Top News!!! We can now flash most of the VAG EDC17 ECU’s via OBD. No more any need to remove the ECU and open it on the following ECU types: EDC17C46 – EDC17C54 – EDC17C64 – EDC17CP44 – ME17.5.20 – MED17.1.1 – MED17.1.1 – MED17.5.21 – MED17.5.5 – MED17.5.5 – SIMOS 8.4 – SIMOS 8.5. NO MORE BOOT MODE EDC17

02.04.14 – Latest car tuned by OBD! Range Rover Sport 5.0 Supercharged. Tuned from 510bhp t0 an incredible 560bhp with the factory VMax now also disabled. This is the company directors personal car! If you have one that you want tuning in this manner then please get in touch for more details.

08.03.14 – Scania trucks from 2010> are now available for ECU Remapping thanks to the new passwords which were required to gain access to the ECU.

10.02.14 – Mercedes Atego Trucks now available for Adblue removal via our own add on module. ECU Remapping still available as always!

20-04.13 - Ecu remapping service now available on the 1.7 CDTI engines fitted with DELCO ECU. For Vauxhall & Chevrolet 1.7 CDTI turbo diesel engines.

28.03.13 - Delphi DCM3.7 ECU OBD Reflash list is released. This covers: Chevrolet, Hyundia and Kia turbo Diesel models for ecu remapping and DPF removal services.

20.02.13 - Remapping service now available on the new 2.2 TDCI Ford engine with Siemens SID208 ECU. For Ford Transit vans ect.

14.02.13 - OBD flash remapping now available on the LandRover Evoque 2.2 SD4 & TD4. These are equipped with a Bosch EDC17cp42 ecu but we have no need to remove the ECU to reprogram it!

21.01.13 – New Tractor Tuning protocols available. John Deere 2011 model with PHOENIX L21 / L22 / L23  ECU’s. Also CASE / NEW HOLLAND BOSCH EDC7UC31 TIER4 with anti tuning protection reflash available.

09.11.12 – Finally its here! VAG Audi, Seat, Skoda, Volkswagen 1.6 TDI Siemens PCR2.1 ecu type DPF Removal is ready and 100% working. ECU Remapping also available on this vehicle.

08.11.12 – We now have a fully working solution for DPF Removal on the latest 2010> Mercedes Sprinter vans with the DELPHI CRD2.X ECU. We are currently the only company in the world who currently offer a solution to this ECU type. ECU Remapping also available on this vehicle!

10.09.12 – Today we introduce a new protocol which is able to read/write the Temic ECU with internal flash memory MCU XC2287. This means we can now remap the latest models of Mercedes trucks from 2011> We are the first in the UK to offer this service yet again.

18.07.12 – Today we finished the tuning on a Valtra tractor with the SISU ECU fitted. This has been a great achievement as these ECU’s are notoriously very hard to tune. We ARE the only company in the UK to now offer this service.

11.07.12 – TOP TOP NEWS! We have successfully tuned our own company VW Caddy Van with 1.6 TDI engine Siemens PCR2.1 ECU. Up till this date nobody in the world has been able to flash this type of ECU. We are among the top tuners in the world offering this new service to our customers!

28.05.12 – Mercedes trucks now by OBD, until now these vehicle required the ecu to be removed and opened, Not anymore!

21.05.12 – Finally its here!!! Mercedes Truck Adblue removal is ready and 100% working fine. We can also adjust the speed limiter and disable the tacho warning sound, these services are of great interest to UK based truck exporters.

19.04.12 – News page starts. Welcome to our new and improved website!