McLaren mp4-12c remapping



The McLaren 12c is a high performance supercar that is known for its precise engineering and extreme capabilities. The McLaren 12c has a 600+ bhp twin turbo 3.8 litre V8 engine making the 12c able to go from 0 tomclaren 60 in 2.8 seconds. These statistics are impressive and are very much out of this world but that doesn’t mean that the 12c isn’t capable of more. Because the McLaren 12c is twin turbo, we’re able to give the car a much higher power increase than your average car. Also due to it having a very strong performance engine it can also handle the greater power increase. A remap on a McLaren 12c would bump the power of the car from 600 bhp to 716 bhp! Most people when they have their car remapped say that they can feel the power increase and say the car is a lot more responsive than it used to be. That is usually with only a 20-40 bhp increase. With the McLaren 12c you get a whole 116 bhp increase. The results of the remap will be incredible. There’s also the bonus of having your 12c faster than the more expensive 650s’. So basically if you get your McLaren 12c remapped with us it will cost you £3000 and it will be faster than the newer models. For a visual comparison of how much more power you will be getting out of your McLaren here is a dyno map of a remapped 12c against a stock 12c.  

Stock power = 600bhp ECUFlash remap = 716bhp

Stock power = 600bhp
ECUFlash remap = 716bhp

 As well as increasing your bhp by 116 bhp, there is also a huge torque increase with the map. After the remap your 12c will go from producing 476 ft-lbs of torque to 601 ft-lbs of torque between 4500 to 5600 rpm. Even though your 12c will have a significant power increase, at cruising speed your car will have the same fuel economy if not better. The car will also drive just as smooth as it did when the stock map was in meaning that literally the only difference is huge power increase with no disadvantages.