Ferrari Performance Remapping

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Are you looking to make your Ferrari have more power, torque and better MPG? Then ECUFLASH is the company for you.

At ECUFLASH we are now able to remap high performance cars such as Ferraris.

At the moment we are able to remap all models of Ferrari 360’s, f430’s and 458’s.2010_ferrari_458-italia_actf34_ns_82510_717

By remapping your Ferrari you are going to increase t sower output by at least 10%. 10% may not sound like much but when you’re think of how much power a Ferrari f430 has (480bhp) then 10% is a 48 bhp increase. 48bhp for the price of this remap is extremely good.

We make sure that the remap stays within the manufacturers maximum tolerance’s to make sure that the increase in torque and power does not damage the drivetrain.

Many other remapping companies will remove the protection tolerance’s which will after time damage the engine.

We carefully write the map for your car so that the engine s running as smoothly as possible by tuning the fuel injector timing and duration, the fuel rail pressure and the electronic torque limiters to bring the engine up to its maximum potential without damaging it or effect fuel economy negatively.

ferrari-f430-spider-06You will also notice after the remap that the car will have a much more responsive throttle and will accelerate a lot better than it did before the remap bearing in mind that this is a Ferrari that you are noticing the differences in which means that you basically will have a super Ferrari.