Nissan GTR Remap Service

ECUFLASH offers a custom ECU remapping service for all models of Nissan GTR

Nissan_GTROur very own GTR demo car has a full custom exhaust system, bigger fuel injectors, high flow air filter and an ECUTEK race rom remap. This is classed as a stage 2 tuning package. Other tuning options are available. Please request a call back to discuss your Nissan GTR Tuning requirements.



ECUTEK RACE ROM gives the vehicle the following additional features over a stock vehicle:
  • Map Switching for Fuel, Timing, VVT and Rev Limit
  • 16-bit boost cut maps
  • Upshift boost spike prevention
  • Per-gear boost control
  • Per-gear rev limits
  • RaceROM Boost Controller (Off the Cruise control buttons)
  • MAF Left-Right Swap for custom intercoolers
  • Large fuel injector support
  • Extra Parameter Logging
  • Large fuel injector support
  • Visual knock warning


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