Finally, somebody who knows what they are talking about!!

After having several months of major hassle with another dpf removal company who managed to screw up my ECU causing over a thousand pounds worth of damage I found ECU Flash on the internet and dealt with a guy called Andy.

I travelled to his house today and he did a complete dpf delete and remap something that the other company failed to do!

I’ m extremely grateful for all his help and sticking with me in the last few months and finally now the car drives great. No more limp modes!!!

I would highly recommend ECU Flash and would definitely use again.

Once again Andy, Thank you for saving my car


Blackcode was the other dealer in question here, they messed this customer about for months telling him that they had done the job properly when quite clearly they hadn’t (Still showing P2002 fault code on the dash after a short drive). They also tried to pass the blame onto their slave dealer. No very good service in my opinion! –  ANDY  (ECUFLASH)