Skoda Superb is now SUPERB

After an expensive mot failure at local Skoda dealer ( over £1k) they then diagnosed that the DPF needed replacing, another £1100+.
Ecuflash and MB Services of Sheffield took my ‘poorly’ 2006 Skoda Superb 2.0td 140pd in, removed the DPF and remapped the ECU. Whilst doing this they noticed that the inter cooler was split, mmm shouldn’t the main dealer have noticed this? Anyway The guys at MB replaced that for less than half the cost at the main dealer and the result is WOW!!! The increase in power is really noticeable and has been commented on by everyone that has been in the car. I haven’t really noticed the increase in economy but that’s most likely due to my enthusiastic use of the extra 30bhp that has appeared under the bonnet.
Thanks to the guys at MB and thanks to Paul at Ecuflash.