Truck Tuning

HGV / Truck Tuning and ECU Remapping

  • Truck Tuning | Power Trucks | HGV Remapping
    Truck Tuning

    95% of all models covered by us.

  • Truck Tuning | Power Trucks | HGV Remapping
    Truck Tuning

    Most vehicles remapped by the OBD port.
    No need to remove ECU.

  • Truck Tuning | Power Trucks | HGV Remapping
    Truck Tuning

    Increase power, torque and BHP.

  • Truck Tuning | Power Trucks | HGV Remapping
    Truck Tuning

    Increases fuel economy on average by 10%.
    So better for you and the enviroment.

In most cases we can flash your trucks ECU via it’s On Board Diagnostic plug to enable more power, torque and in some cases even recalibrate the speed limiter.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • We offer a full 30 day money back guarantee on all of our Truck ECU Remapping Software
  • We have been tuning trucks for over 8 years and have much experience on the road & dyno
  • A remap on your truck will give you about 20% more BHP & Torque which improving fuel economy by around 8-15% dependant on the model of truck. – This will save your company a fortune in fuel !!!!!
  • Our HGV Truck Remapping service is fully mobile in the whole UK, We work around you because we know you have to work!


Please use our performance calculator to select your truck  to see how much more power and better fuel economy you could have and if it’s not listed, don’t worry just drop us an email with the full details because there’s a good chance our up to date technology can still do it.

We are commercial software engineering specialists offering our services such as:

Speed Limiter Calibration

ADBLUE Removal

EGR Removal

Dealer Level Diagnostic Tools

Volvo/Renault TAG/TANDEM Axle Programming


We cater for all makes and models of HGV vehicles:



Legal disclaimer: None of the manufacturers displayed above either endorse or support any of the services we offer, for obvious reasons! These logos are displayed for illustrative purposes only.